17 Ocak 2010 Pazar

Say Hello to HandySLR!

Unlike competitors products, this one actually works!
The ultimate solution for the DSLR filmmakers.

go to www.handyfilmtools.com for features and price the info!

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Geff dedi ki...

Hi there!
I really like your adapters. Congrats.
I'm thinking in getting one later this year. I really consider to get the Handy35 V5 or V5+ (don't know the difference, unfortunately the www.handy35.com is down).

But I can see that you are kind of far away from me (I'm from Brazil here!), so I wonder, if I would like to get one of these, what should I do?

Please fell free to send me an email to geffa.felipe@googlemail.com (I check this every hour).

Thanks and congratulations again!

Sreeni R dedi ki...

Hi Bro...
I was looking at your tools and they are really awesome. I'm well impressed with those innovative features and the idea of chucking out unnecessary stuff...

I'm a filmmaker too and i cant agree lesser to your design genius.

Sreeni R | Creative Head | Yellow Line Pictures | www.yellowlinepictures.co.in

Bill Mecca dedi ki...

Just came across the HandySLR video on Youtube, handyfilmtools.com goes to filmtools.com and they don't show that rig... is it out of production? ingenious design, great foro DSLR and small camcorders.