28 Kasım 2008 Cuma

What makes Handy35 different than others?

I was asked this question... 
I replied as follows;

Handy35 is probably the same if you consider the working principle and possibly the picture result will be the same as well. But since I am an independent filmmaker and own various other adapter brands; I decided to make a user friendly, easy to assemble, easy to use kind of adapter. 

I sold my first 10 adapters without any users manuals next to it. And no one turned back and asked how to assemble the product. I know the conditions of independent filmmakers very well. Most of them do not use a follow focus with the adapter so why have those disturbing rods on the front?  With Handy35 you can simply unscrew the front rods and get the rods out of your way. With Handy35 it is a snap to align your camcorder with the focus screen. The macro tubes are also unique to my design. 

When you use Handy35 you dont turn your camcorder in to a hefty monster. It is still a camcorder, still rather small manegable in size, you can properly hold it and carry it with a top handle (you dont get a top handle with redrock, letus etc. can you believe that?). 

So I guess I filled what others could not fill. And me being a director myself made it possible. I was able to look at the design from a directors needs point of view. Other adapter makers have so many engineers maybe but hey! my adapter is much more ergonomic plus looks the best and almost half the price..


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